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Monday, April 4, 2011

My least favorite emotion?

Some might answer that question with 'anger' - a seemingly useless emotion that often leads us to bad moods, saying things we shouldn't, and even doing things we normally wouldn't.  I can handle anger.  I can process it, deal with it, and let it go.  Disappointment on the other hand, that is an emotion I could live without.  Disappointment is probably the worst - anger I can often forget, but disappointment stays with me like a bad grudge.  Have you ever thought of a time you argued with someone, and now you can't even remember what it was that made you so angry in the first place?  I have.  Now try to think of a single time you have actually forgotten a disappointment.  I think I remember every single one of them! 

My latest disappointment?  Sadly (because I am a loyalist) is from JCrew.  When the Spring Lookbook came out, I called immediately to place my orders.  I was really excited about this jacket:

I even ordered it down a size - it seemed like it was going to be a bit on the large size. 

Yeah.  All I can think is that maybe they had mis-tagged this item.  Maybe it was really supposed to be a size 10.  It was huge.  If you could only see just how large those shoulders and sleeves really are! 

Pros: I love the color.  Perfect with blacks and grays, but also gorgeous with cornflower blues. Beautiful construction, luxurious fabric; a perfect almost-butter color. 

Cons: Why, oh why, oh why oh, did they make the sleeves the size of Ohio??  The cut of that shoulder and sleeve was awful!  I really think I might revisit this jacket when I'm, I don't know, 70, 80 years old?  Somehow I think I still might find the darn sleeves ridiculously large!  This jacket was not flattering!

I really dislike disappointment.  I was really looking forward to a cute spring jacket.  I suppose my quest continues......

Readers:  Do you have any disappointments that just dashed your good hopes?


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