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Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Dress, from Day to Evening

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Friday, December 20, 2013

TripleP in the Home: How to Add a Hint of Your Style

Remember the DIY gold sequin hanger from earlier this week? I found the perfect spot for it:

Too subtle for Santa? <wink with a little chuckle>

I was in the middle of a wrestling match in the living room (I was the ref) with my three sons and for one brief moment, time ceased and I thought to myself, "Holy Crap, I have three boys," and I felt my sense of girliness drowning beneath sporting equipment and events, and other manly raucous........stuff.  (In other news, I should win an award for the best run-on sentence, ever.)

I have since learned to relish what little feminine powers I have left, including adding a touch of my feminine side to the Holiday decorations around my home.  Being the only female, I've kindly tried to decorate our home in gender-neutral ways (you won't find any pink or gold polka dots in this home.)  Even the bedroom, bathroom, and closet I share with The Mr are carefully curated into a subtle combination of man and wife.  To make sure I don't absorb too much of the testosterone floating in the air, I hit up my bedroom with this:

and my bathroom with this:

Bam!  Take that testosterone!

I love, love, love these glittery shoe and handbag ornaments from Nordstrom (and they should be going on sale right about now!) and I never miss an opportunity to score a free deluxe perfume sample from Sephora.

How do you add a touch of your own personal style to your decorating?

Monday, December 16, 2013

TripleP: Holiday Gifts Guide (brought to you by Coupons.Com)

You can barely sneeze without finding yourself viewing yet another gift guide.  They come in all shapes and sizes, range in extravagance to budget-saving; there are color-coded gift guides, hobby-related gift guides and everything in between.  There have been pins, blog posts, retailer emails, friendly suggestions, and ideas abound.  Where does one even start (and we are looking at the last few days of shipping to arrive before Christmas!)?  Well, I love giving gifts, but every year I know Mr. Clause could use some help with my yes, in the spirit of selfishness, I've made a gift guide just for The Mr (for me, lol!) of my favorite stocking-sized goodies:

I can't end this post without mentioning holiday gift guides, mostly because they would love to give you several chances to win some amazing things.  On the blog today, we've got a giveaway for a $200 e-gift card to; On, they've got several gift packages from their Holiday Sweepstakes.  The Gift Package I have my eye on?  The gift guide contest for gifts for Mom (um Kate Spade anyone?)

Who's ready for that fabulous giveaway from our generous sponsors?

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