Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: Halls KC Warehouse Sale Update

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Halls KC Warehouse Sale Update

I was second in line to get through that door, so keep in mind that my experience is different from someone who showed up at 9:30.......

When I left at 11am, they were letting one person in for every person that left.  And there was a line (although it was a Kansas City line, not a New York City line.)  If you make it in the door, there was a pretty quick moving line for the registers, but the line for the fitting rooms was a bit more tedious.  I will admit, I offered to share my fitting room with the cute older woman I had met while waiting in line.  If modesty, privacy and your own mirror are what you need, this sale is not for you.  There is only one mirror - so yes, everyone standing in line will stare at you while you march to the mirror for your turn to peek at yourself.  Hold your head high ladies, they are just envious they don't have a room yet.  Better yet, wear leggings and a tank and just try it on wherever you stand. (p.s. there is little-to-no cell phone reception in there.......)

If you can endure all that..............


Do not go back to shoes (far left corner from the front door) if you are claustrophobic.  It was barely manageable when the doors first opened, but when I left it was a mess of open boxes and scattered shoes.  No employee can get back there to clean it up either!  If you brave it, you might find a gem though.


The world's smallest rack.

Jewelry and Accessories:

Tons of "costume" type jewelry, mass amounts of white watches, with a smattering of silver, a random assortment of belts and lots of colorful winter scarves, hats and gloves.


I may have bought the best of them, lol!  Satin Marchesa, Raoul tunic-types and fun one-shouldered dresses abound.

They had two pairs of Oscar de la Renta flats, and unfortunately I grabbed the wrong size (grabbed a 40, needed a 39!)   

Tons of colored and patterned pants were still hanging when I left.

Tops and Sweaters:

Slim-pickings here.  But Men's has piles and piles!


Ted Baker iPad cases in patent leather.  And one lone Ivanka Trump purse that will probably still be there when you get there.....and will still be there when you leave.  Sorry, but it's the truth.


DO THIS.  Take your man!  There was no one in men's, and they had the largest assortment of ties, scarves, shoes, jackets, coats, dress shirts, t-shirts, name it - tell you husband to stop by.  The Mr was busy today, so he missed out on some really great deals (although I did snag the lone, rather normal brown leather belt.)  Someone bought out almost all the Men's Prada shoes (you can expect to see those on ebay,)  but there was still a good selection left.  I'm sure the men's Gucci coats are still pretty pricey, but the luxury item is a steal at this price!

What I walked away with:

It shouldn't be too shocking that I walked away with sequins, silk, wool and color.  Lots of color!
I couldn't resist this whimsical Kate Spade necklace and the Ted Baker bangles
My advice:  If you are in the area and have some free time, stop by.  I don't know what you will find (if anything,) and I would say it's a toss-up.  Maybe by 6pm there won't even be a line anymore.  Of course, there might not be anything left either.  Unless of course, you know a man who isn't too picky......


At February 6, 2013 at 1:23 PM , Anonymous sandyalamode said...

great recap!! ahh i hope there is stuff left!! and i def want to get mens stuff!!

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At May 29, 2013 at 4:15 AM , Blogger albina N muro said...

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