Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: Social KC: Zaarly (it might be in your in city too!)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Social KC: Zaarly (it might be in your in city too!)

Sandy invited me to tag along with her to a new conceptual bazaar, aptly named Zaarly (rhymes with gnarly, I'm not even kidding.)  I'm really excited about this idea, people.  Excited.

It's essentially a bazaar featuring local businesses (like a storefront) - doggy business, macaron business (and other bakeries,) (amazing) woodworking business (I love woodworking - it is such an amazing medium for art!,) jewelry business (yes please,) BBQ business (you know how I feel about BBQ right?)......just to name a few that we saw that night.  Each business had samples of their work, product for sale right then and there (using a simple android/iOS app) and the crowd was amazing.  I won't lie: it was a big shopping party.  And I think people are going to love it!  

I ended up purchasing a set of three bangles from Coki, and got a pair of free earrings for it!

The event was held at The Roasterie - such a fun venue!  And of course, what I wore:

p.s. Zaarly is running a special Valentine's special now through February 13th....


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