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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Granite Flats, Stolen From The Boys

I received an interesting email asking if I might be interested in taking a peek at the newest family tv drama show to hit the BYUtv airwaves: Granite Flats.  The show is set in the 1960s, and they had me at "vintage fashion."

I suckered The Mr into watching it with me late one evening (it's safe for kids, but have you ever tried to watch tv with three little boys running around?!) and let me tell you - it was almost shocking (gasp!) to be reminded of how terribly different life was then.  The social aspect alone.......the things we couldn't get away with now (a-kid-riding-shotgun-with-his-Sheriff-to-check-out-a-burglary-take-a-deep-breath?!)  But who cares about that really?  (Just kidding.)  Let's talk about the costumes.  I am sooooo glad I'm not sooooo ancient that I had to succumb to the trends of the early 1960s (assuming I wouldn't have been part of the hippie movement, or into that classic rock 'n' roll.)  Everything was so.....prim and stinking proper.  Popped collars?  I think not.  A single hair out of place?  Oh no you di'int!  I'd like to think if I had been born in that era, my penchant for rebellion would have led me to wear something as scandalous as this (sans bangs) :

Pants: Jennifer Lopez for Kohls (I know, right? but just in case, here's a similar pair)
Shoes: Converse (why do I feel like I just stated the obvious here?)

Which, by the way, is borrowed from the boys.  

Women don't wear pants and Converse tennies are meant for little boys (and their dark-rinse, rolled cuff, cute-as-heck Levi's) in the little town of Granite Flats.  Chock full of Communist references (I'm not even sure if my sons know what that is yet!) and enough male condescension to make a feminist flip her lid, this show is actually thought-provoking and well.....what are all those mysterious flying objects?!

Have I hooked you yet?  The next episode airs April 14 at 6pm (Mountain Standard Time - hey, it is BYUtv after all!) and you can catch up on previous episodes online at

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At April 14, 2013 at 3:46 PM , Anonymous Sarah Eliz said...

You've completely peaked my interest! Period pieces are the best.

Your hair? Gorgeous! You're such a cutie.

At April 15, 2013 at 1:01 PM , Anonymous Ashley Nielson said...

did you watch last nights episode? i can't wait to check it out on: i got busy with family dinner, and now i'm thinking i need to make it a family night activity! you look adorable of course!


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