Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: Social KC: KCFW Spring 2013, Day 1

Friday, March 1, 2013

Social KC: KCFW Spring 2013, Day 1

Last night's show was set to be the edgiest of them all.  And it delivered.

Starting with Maegan Stracy's pop-art (think Andy Warhol in motion) collection:

with Nikki Fizer's No Human Intentions collection of Neo-Victorian-Steam-Punk legwarmers next:

followed by Lauren Cram's Victrola - a collection that found the perfect balance between edginess and pure girlishness:

and the precursor to the finale, Andrea Marie Long Designs collection whose use of tonal blues and greens as accents was pure perfection:

to the finale, with Karma Jade's American Trash:

It was a fun evening, and the people watching was entertaining to say the least.  The right-out-there-in-the-open-expressions of some of the front-rowers were certainly entertaining, and the overheard "Oh my gosh, if she sends out models in smelly trash, I'm leaving," when they announced American Trash was giggle inducing.  They were obviously not familiar with Karma or her work, lol!

For more pictures from the collections, visit my facebook page Pretty, Polished, Perfect.


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