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Monday, November 11, 2013

Pretty Mondays: Diana, The Movie

This past week, I was invited to preview the film Diana (released this past weekend.)  I invited a girlfriend along for some good company (this was very important.)

The film covered a part of her life I was not expecting - the years after her split and divorce from Prince Charles.  The film was slow at times, and used copious amounts of cinematography - long shots of emotions playing over the character's faces.  This is where the good company comes in to play.  There were plenty of scenes in which Hilari and I shared "looks" that spoke volumes, and sometimes caused smothered laughter.  Even the woman next to us, a complete stranger, got in on the good times.  At one point, the camera is panning a clearly-used bed, and we hear (but cannot see) Diana saying something to the effect of, "Mmm, I just love your hand there."  The woman next to us muttered, "I bet!" and we all giggled like silly school-girls.  Haha!  Where was his hand, you ask?  Well, you will just have to see the film to find out (wink.)  In the end, the film only left me with more questions about Princess Diana.  Was she crazy?  Was she just like the rest of us (minus the obvious differences, lol!)?

still photo from the film, Diana
One thing I do know - Diana was a style icon.  She embodied beauty, a demure sexiness, and quiet grace.  She (or her stylist) knew how to rock a color that would bring out the blue in her eyes.  In the film, she is repeatedly referred to as "the most famous woman in the world."  The most famous woman in the world, beautiful and sexy, beloved by many, a devoted philanthropist.....and she never felt the need to flaunt herself (think Angelina Jolie and her ridiculous leggy show-stopping stunt.)

still shot from the film, Diana
 I think that is why woman everywhere respected her, admired her and an acceptable role model to young girls everywhere.


At November 11, 2013 at 9:58 AM , Anonymous Alyson Hume said...

Its a pity these used this story line, but I loved the review here, I had a good laugh, thank you! You need to read the book "Diana and Dodi The Fairytale", it is quite new, and for a first time Author, Frances Collins has nailed the story line. It is fiction, but definitely worth a read. Personally, I think if the Fairytale was used, Diana lovers would have walked away very satisfied! The book is an ebook only at the moment I think, but available on


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