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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Social KC: KCFW + First Friday

KCFW held it’s first-First Friday promotional event.  Their purpose was to invite the community in to see the behind-the-scenes working of a photo shoot, a glimpse of what backstage will look like this fall.  There was.......

Clothing (it was nice to meet many of the designers in a casual atmosphere without the crazy rush, excitement and anxiety of a pending runway show):
Christian Micheal from 2012, Brittany of BMDesigns with Michelle of Little Shell Designs and Kris Hanke - photographer, Justin Callaghan - hair stylist

Palettes and instruments of Jennifer Sullivan Cassidy
Model (from start to finish): 
Model Angela Faith in BMDesigns, Hair Stylist Evyn Fulkerson, Layne - photographer
And of course, Photographers:
Ike, photographer

I was lucky enough to snag the President of KCFW, Phil Willoughby for an interview  If you want a well-written PR statement, you can read his bio here.  Reading a bio is never the same as meeting someone in person:

As he is listing off his many *accomplishments, including local political positions, I can’t help but wonder if he’s ever stopped, or if he ever sleeps.  It appears that he has a love of knowledge and life that drive him to keep going, to keep making things better – whether it’s a client’s way-of-life or a city’s commerce. 

He’s intelligent and likable, and I can’t help but wonder if he has ever not succeeded in winning a person over.  He was, after all, the captain of the baseball team.

I begin to understand why Teisha (pronounced Tee-sha) was the first person he thought of to lead KCFW.  Teisha is personable and down-to-earth.  At one of the model castings months ago, I asked her to give us an example of how a model should walk.  She didn’t hesitate, and she did it without haughtiness or arrogance.  She also never hesitates to answer my numerous questions (which I appreciate.)  Kris is the same way – oh, he will fool you with his little swagger walk and the way he carries himself – but he’s also smart, funny and down-to-earth (and has the cutest curly-haired daughter!) 

After spending time with Phil, Teisha, Kris, Layne and the rest of the team, I am positive that KCFW will continue to be more and more successful as it grows.  Good luck and congratulations!

*“But can he sing?”  The one question I failed to ask......

For more information or to buy tickets for KCFW, please visit

These photographs and more can be found here.

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At August 6, 2012 at 3:24 PM , Anonymous Shea Sayers said...

This looks like an awesome event! How did you get involved with KCFW Erin? It sounds like such a cool thing to be a part of!


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