Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: Art Fair via Wi-Fi

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Art Fair via Wi-Fi

This past weekend was the annually-much-anticipated Country Club Plaza Art Fair.  I look forward to this event every year (the parking, not so much – thank you Time Warner Cable, for the free VIP parking pass!)  Friday night was spent in the TWC (Time Warner Cable) VIP Media Lounge with many of Kansas City's finest bloggers.

L to R: Sarah's sister & Sarah, Kat, Michelle, Ellen & Jamie, Lisa, Meg, EmilySarah and yours truly.
Sorry Sarah!  This picture was just too cute to pass up:
We talked shop, life and free wi-fi (thank you again, TWC!) while gorging delicately snacking on appetizers (the Tuna Rolls are my new fave) and desserts from Seasons 52.
After the group went their separate ways, Lisa and I participated in the TWC sponsored Tweet and Go Seek.  I was completely shocked by how much fun we had running around the Plaza, seeking out these hidden tiles!  Of course, we ran into a few problems (you know how much I love math problems, right?): 

Sprint network + thousands of people in a three block radius = no coverage.  

TWC's free Country Club Plaza's wi-fi + their courtesy iPad* = problem solved. 

Lisa, me and our prizes
The Mr and I took our sons up to see the art, peruse the booths and generally bask in the fun atmosphere (and face-painting, courtesy of the TWC booth.)  We also fell in love with some new favorites (the Asian Pig Wings at Gram & Dun are to die for people, even the boys liked them…..and that’s HUGE!) 
Photo of Gram & Dun courtesy of  The Pitch
We met up with Lisa for a little bit more Tweet and Go Seek, and our last tile of the afternoon brought us face to face with the pretty-cool guys behind the game.  We found a total of 21 tiles (the word tile hardly does these post-recycled-material, multi-purpose masterpieces justice!)

Gear up Kansas City, Time Warner Cable is about to spoil their customers with innovative technology (and free wi-fi of course,) great customer service, and even better community presence.  Are you a Time Warner Cable customer yet?

*Did you know that TWC has an HBO app that lets you watch every single show, every single episode?  I wish TWC was available in my neighborhood, darnit! 

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At September 27, 2012 at 3:21 PM , Anonymous Alexis said...

Sounds like a fun time! The food looks delicious!


swaney e


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