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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Social KC - Fashion's Night Out

I was asked to style an outfit for Halls Kansas City, specifically for Fashion's Night Out.  Hmmmmmm.......a chance to create a look using anything from within Halls' four walls?  Yes please.  
Of course I couldn't resist this Oscar de la Renta sequin top, or these Alice + Olivia leather side-strip leggings.  Paired with this ultra-luxe Max Mara coat, Tory Burch cross-body, gorgeous necklace and chic flats, and I was more than happy to put my name on it.
Kelly of Twenty Six East and I snapped some pictures of our styled mannequins before meeting Halls' President, Kelly Cole:
Photo courtesy of East Second Street
Mr. Cole saw my mannequin and  joked, "This one must be yours.  You do like color."  I do like color.  Does anyone else feel that wearing black always looks........the same?  You can throw in some stripes, patterns, or polka dots, but those outfits stand out (and sometimes white.)

Met up with some of the lovely KC bloggers:

From top left: Megan, Emily, Kelly, me, Sandy, and Shea.
Halls kept the party atmosphere alive with drinks from Snow & Co.:
Chocolate chip cookies and Gucci (my conciliatory party since I don't drink alcohol):
Chanel pop-ups (and the lovely Louise LeMans):

Photo courtesy of Halls Kansas City
And we ran into Suzanne and her Charming Man (actually at J. Crew but this picture works):

Photo courtesy of  Halls Kansas City
I had to include a picture of my favorite Bobbi Brown make-up artist, Susan (on the left.)  I highly recommend her the next time you go in:
Photo courtesy of Halls Kansas City
I tagged along with some fellow bloggers to check out the other parties to be found on the Country Club Plaza.  We hit the red carpet:
I think we were supposed to be going for "funny" but I call this "awkward."  Gee, thanks Robbie ;) Photo courtesy of
J. Robert Schraeder  and Ink Magazine.
Stopped by The Parlor (coming soon to the Country Club Plaza!) pop-up shop, where I got my make-up re-touched and my hair de-frizzed (note: how is it not supposed to be insulting when you ask someone, "Oh, would you like me to add some de-frizzer to your hair?"  I mean, what are you trying to say?  Is my hair frizzy or something?? Just kidding, I know my hair is frizzy.......) and was too busy to snap a picture.

We hit J. Crew which was, honestly, very quiet compared to Halls.  Halls had the best environment for shopping, socializing and fun, hands down.

I headed to the Power & Light District and caught the tail-end of the party at The Garment District Boutique (which was an another great party), where I ran into model Jasmine Moore and new friend DeAundre Kurney:

Next we headed over the The Gallery for the Kansas City Fashion Week FNO party.  Photographer Kris Hanke's "photo booth" idea was a huge hit (really, who doesn't like having their picture taken, especially after a few cocktails??"

This guy, who also happened to be the official KCFW DJ. Photo courtesy of Kris Hanke and KCFW.

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At September 18, 2012 at 4:15 PM , Anonymous Shea Sayers said...

Yay, I loved your look for Saks! I'm glad you decided to sneakily unbutton the coat :) It was fun hanging out for FNO and the fashion shows Erin! (And what the heck is my hand doing in that picture? lol)


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