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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feels Like High School Again

It's back-to-school time, and it's one of the reasons I love/hate August.  I worry about my boys and their compatibility with their new teachers.  I can't find half the school supplies they need, and we are all just a little under-rested, and I'm reminded of  my days in school......

(The very last day of High School - we were feeling.....elated, lol!)

I remember the last year of High School, working my butt off to finish with a credible GPA (sadly, I screwed around the first few years and had hell to pay that final year.)  I couldn't have done it without the help of one teacher in particular - Mrs. Goodman.  She was an English teacher, and somewhat of second mother; having her for a teacher was like being home-schooled by my Mom - we loved each other but man could we get on each other's last nerve, lol!  She had a way of pushing you (maybe prompting is the better word here?) without letting you realize you were being pushed.  She only had to set boundaries with me once (I remember that incidence once - it was the only time she ever used that tone of voice!) and I would rather have spent time in her classroom than even the lunchroom (in all fairness, I had lunch period with exactly zero of my friends.)  She let me be a whiny teenager, but only as long as I was also completing her assignments while being so.  She's the teacher I admired most - she wasn't hip, she wasn't brimming over with personality - but she still managed to garner my respect (an impossible task back then, I assure you.)  Sure, there was the science teacher who was hip - but I had no respect for him; there was the other English professor who treated us like his college student (he taught part-time at the University) which was pretty cool.  Then there was the color-blind Geometry teacher who said his wife picked out his clothes for him every morning - he once complimented me on my green sweater, which was actually brown.  I still wonder why he doesn't just see "green" but call it "brown" so we can all be on the same page, lol!  Oh, and I can't forget the Naturalist teacher, who had this amazingly authentic New Yorker accent.  He was pretty cool as well.  Oh the memories......

I'm not sure if Mrs. Goodman was simply working her day job, or had aspirations of inspiring the youth of tomorrow to great heights; but she inspired us, some of us she dragged, pulled and kicked to graduation.  I think there must be a great many teachers who have shaped and inspired youth (of all ages) across America.  Their importance plays a significant role in the future of businesses, of our economy and of our country. 

I didn't thank Mrs. Goodman then (I apologize for my general lack of gratitude and manners - I was a teenager!) but I wish I had. 

On September 6th (8/7c), CBS is premiering a two-hour special that follows four teachers across the country in their struggle to uplift, inspire and shape the future generations.

"TEACH, Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim’s third documentary film about education in America asks the question: What Does It Take to Be A Great Teacher Today?

Following four dedicated teachers from different schools across the country over the course of one school year, TEACH gives viewers a window into the challenges, demands and rewards of teaching, with the purpose of elevating and promoting the profession, as well as engaging new teachers and supporting current teachers. We see that for the best teachers, it’s not just a job but a mission. As intense as it is emotional, this year in the life of four public-school teachers illustrates how tenacity, passion and a belief in innovation drive these educators as they navigate the daily ups and downs of the 2012-2013 school year. These educators use conventional and unconventional methods and do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles and strive for success." ~ Participant Media

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