Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: Pretty Mondays: Red Dress Edition

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pretty Mondays: Red Dress Edition

Every woman needs a red dress. I truly believe that. I was beyond excited to find this perfect red dress at H&M for.....wait for it......under $20!! Don't forget this fabulous bead necklace either.  In honor of this great find, I bring you two fab options that should convince every single one of you that dress belongs in your closet (they have it in black if this specific shade of red doesn't compliment your skin tone.)

The Red Dress
Dress: H&M Satin Dress
Necklace: H&M Bead Necklace
Denim Jacket: Adriano Goldschmeid; Black Fur Shrug
Clutch: Leopard; Beaded 
Shoes: Gold Ballet Flats; Black Gold-Tipped Pumps



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