Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: Sometimes it just doesn't work out!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sometimes it just doesn't work out!

Have you ever had this great picture or idea in your head (or on paper) and when you try to execute it, it's all wrong??  Lo and behold:  In my head, this worked.  These pants weren't so ill-fitting.  The shoes were cute. 
In the pictures, this didn't work.  The pants were ill-fitting. 
The shoes were swallowed by grass.  

 Here is what not to wear, by Pretty, Polished, Perfect.:

There are no P's here!
{shirt Zara pants H&M shoes old necklaces BR & Walmart (say what?!?) purse JCrew}

All is not lost, however.  Crop out the pants, and it's really a cute shirt:

The bag itself it charming, minus the outfit:

I once followed a link to a blog out of sheer curiousity: the title read "Shots You Never Saw."  I was really hoping for some entertaining photos full of bloopers and wonky faces, and maybe unflattering shots of one's derrierre.  Fortunately for the blogger, they were just more beautiful pictures full of great style.  And no laughs.   How did I finally accept that these pants were too tight and ill-fitting?  The Mr. complained,  "They're too tight!  I can't even grab your butt!"  My husband doesn't care what I'm wearing.  So when he complains, I listen.  Bahahahahaha!


At June 6, 2011 at 4:13 PM , Anonymous VanC said...

Love this post. I nearly spit out my coffee. Not the part about ill-fitting pants, but your Hubs' comment. Here's my two cents (or three): the color combo is great (red and blue again!); the striped top is WAY awesome (and truth be told, who's looking at the pants anyhow with all that awesomeness and your beautiful face??); thirdly the pants might work better with a longer top/tunic and heels. It's a lovely color... maybe take another look at it? You never know til you try it!

At June 7, 2011 at 2:29 PM , Anonymous Erin said...

Thanks for the idea! I'm glad you enjoyed The Mr.'s comment ;)


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