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Friday, September 28, 2012


First, I need to get this off my chest: to all those who have the luxury of wearing "fashion" frames (20/20s,) I am helluh jealous!  I've got coke-bottle glasses eyesight.  I'm not even joking.  I can try on a cute pair of frames, but once you add the thick lens, the distortion is awful and I end up hating them.  So go on with yo' bad self if you don't need script lenses.

Back to the real topic at hand - buying glasses.  I hate glasses (see above paragraph) and I hate paying wads of cash for them.  Even with insurance (I have VSP) I still end up paying anywhere between two and three hundred dollars.  Of course, I buy the special coatings (you don't want to see them without those, trust me) and I buy the highest index lens possible (but I still have that coke-bottle thing going on!)  I also grew up in an era where frames were limited, and so were the places you could buy them.

I'm more than pleased about all the online options, especially their pricing.  I was recently contacted by Firmoo, an online retailer specializing in prescription glasses and sunglasses.  Would I jump at the chance to save money on a new pair of glasses?  Heck yeah!

I've decided in my wisdom old age that if I'm going to geek it in coke-bottle lenses, they might as be aslarge and geeky as they get.

Do you know what else I love about online retailers?  They always seem to offer a special to suck you in shop with them.  Firmoo actually offers your first pair FREE!  I will have to add, that the "free" only gets you the standard 1.5 index lenses, but even after paying for the upgrade out of pocket - it will still be at less than half the price of my previous glasses!  Firmoo also has the highest index lens I've seen available yet (1.74 aspheric.)

I will admit, there is a certain convenience factor to being able to try frames on in person (although once you put my thick lenses in, it wouldn't have mattered!) but Firmoo does offer two things I have found very useful: the dimensions of each individual pair of frames and the virtual "try-on" tool.

Which are you: a fashion or function wearing four-eyes?  Do you prefer buying them from a brick & mortar retailer, or online?

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