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Monday, November 5, 2012

McCoys, Mac n Cheese and Math

This past Friday we grabbed the boys and headed downtown for First Friday.  With only one food truck to be found (and a mile-long line) we decided to try McCoys' world-famous Mac N Cheese for dinner.

Somehow, taking my sons to a popular bar in Westport on a Friday night felt a little but like wearing a ball-gown to wash the dishes.  I'm pretty sure my sons were the only people under the age of 18 within several blocks......

We had a thirty minute wait for a table, so I did what I'd like to think any mother would do - I ordered kids' drinks straight from the bar.  The guy who I squeezed in next to wouldn't stop staring at me - he was either hitting on me or thought I was the craziest person ever - and let's face it: who hits a woman ordering three kids' drinks, complete with plastic-cup-lidded-funky-straw, from a bar??  Haha!

While the jury is still out on whether McCoys has the best mac n cheese (my sons ate every last bite!) I will say that it's pretty darn good stuff.  If you ever find yourself in the area, I'd be interested to get your opinion on it.

I will admit - while newborn babies are amazing and tiny (not mine - my oldest was nearly 9 lbs and completely skipped the newborn diapers and clothing,) I much prefer the stages they are in now.  If for no other reason than their ability to communicate their needs with something other than a cry or a temper tantrum (though there are still plenty of tantrums to go around.)  I love answering the math equations my sons shoot at me randomly throughout the day.  I love hearing them talk (sometimes endlessly) about what they've learned or think is cool.  I love wandering the streets of Kansas City, taking in the culture, learning new things and eating unhealthy food (haha.)

I took the opportunity to discuss our next week's schedule with The Mr while we drove.  I mentioned the upcoming STEMfest* at Union Station this Saturday (it's free!)  As I rattled off what the acronym stood for (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math,) my oldest son turned to me and said, "Science and Math?  You know I like science and math right?"  (Fellow math nerds, unite.)  What exactly is the STEMfest you ask?

Exhibitors will provide fun, hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities to help encourage STEM careers, and all those attending will receive FREE admission to Science City for the day.
There will be many exciting activities and visuals, including robots, hands-on science projects and more!

When & Where:            
Union Station/Science City
30 W. Pershing Road, Suite 400, Kansas City, Mo.
Saturday, Nov. 10
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

*Time Warner Cable STEMfest was created as part of the company’s Connect a Million Minds initiative (, which aims to engage youth in hands-on learning opportunities in the areas of STEM. For Time Warner Cable STEMfest, TWC has joined forces with the Girls Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri and Science City to engage STEM partners from the local community to be a part of the event and showcase ways that their organization engages kids in STEM learning opportunities. Children of all ages will be able to participate in hands-on, discovery learning activities with each of Time Warner Cable’s STEM partners. 

Are you a math nerd like me?

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At November 6, 2012 at 12:24 AM , Anonymous melaniekay said...

Looks like fun!


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