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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How To: Launder Your Closet

I think it might have been the holes I ended up wearing in my favorite pants that prompted my fanaticism with the proper care and handling of clothing.  For as long as I can remember, I have washed my clothing in cold water and hung them to air-dry.

My mother once saw this magazine at the store and picked it up for me (a highly irregular thing for her to have done!)  It's like my laundry Bible, lol!  It's also from the pre-convict Martha era.

By far the most helpful thing from this treasure of an issue:

If a tag says Dry Clean - you can actually hand wash it (carefully!)  If the tag says Dry Clean Only - take it to the cleaners, that Only is there for a reason.

Cold Water:  Lights, Brights, Darks, Denim and some Whites (yes, SORT your loads people!)
Hot Water: Unmentionables (bras not included,) Whites that are being bleached and Towels
Dryer: Unmentionables and workout gear that I just can't wait to air-dry
Air-Dry: Everything else.

I use a front-loading washing machine - I think they should ban the manufacturing and selling of top-loaders.  Top-loaders are inefficient and that agitator is cruel on clothing.

I wash my wool and silk on the delicate cycle of my front-loading washing machine (DO NOT WASH THESE IN A TOP-LOADER - that agitator will re-shape your garment into an unrecognizable item!)  I then  roll the item up into a towel, pressing heavily on the towel to release excess water (it works, I swear!) all without de-forming the original shape of the sweater.

I could go on (and tell you stories about The Mr drying and shrinking my clothes - argh!)  but I will leave you with this fun guide to Symbols for Washing Your Clothing.........

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