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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To: The Scarf

Yesterday I mentioned turtlenecks and boatnecks (and a giveaway.)  Those types of collars are not for everyone - they can make a neck look wider and shorter.  A great alternative to a fabulous necklace or neckline is a scarf.  Useful for disguising and hiding, warmth and to draw the eye upward, scarves have the most versatility.  My favorite - the look that always look great - is the one that I see most often on celebrities.  It's also the ones I get the most compliments on.

So, um, yeah.  I'm going to name this The Celebrity (please, no applause for my originality here......)  Seriously, watch this.  Laugh, point, share with your friends.  Especially when I get confused (a mirror would have been extremely useful) and smack myself in the face with the scarf.  It's pretty good stuff:

Wrap it around twice, tuck it under and through.  Adjust it until you look like Blake Lively and wah-lah!  You've achieved celebrity status.  Just kidding.  But go on with your bad self anyway.

Tips for scarves - they can look matronly, so watch the length of the tails.  Those lengthy tails can also make you look top heavy if they don't hang long enough, and short if they hang too long.  Scarves worn long draw the eye down as well, so unless you have on a pair of fabulous shoes.........don't.

What do you think?  How do you wear your scarves (if at all?)

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At October 22, 2012 at 10:40 AM , Anonymous ChasingDavies said...

haha! I love the bloopers! You are always pretty, polished and perfect - even when blooping (I made that word up).

Megan from Chasing Davies


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