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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Big Bang Theory

DIY- When and how to bang

  If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you need
bangs; Thin hair? High forehead? Uneven hairline? Forehead wrinkles?
Uneven eyebrows? You need bangs!  And you can do it yourself if you
follow some simple rules;

1. Most people don't look good with even bangs that cover the whole
forehead. Start with a longer swoop cut first! You can always cut it
shorter later.

2. If your face is round you absolutely don't want bangs across your
whole forehead! They need to be swooped. Pick a side and part!

2. Never! Never cut above the bottom of your eyes when swooping bangs!
Add another half inch when cutting wet hair. Cut it dry until you get
the hang of it. Go slow!

3. Always cut at an angle at the sides. Unless you are under 10 yrs
old, cutting straight across is a big fat NO-NO! The sides should
always be longer than the middle!

4. Never pull them straight when cutting. Brush them straight and let
them hang as you cut.

5. The most important rule is to start longer, style it and then cut
more if needed. You need time to get used to having bangs and decide
what exactly to do with them.

  I know it sounds counterintuitive to cut bangs when your hair is
thin but shorter hair looks thicker, it's a fact. And oddly, bangs can
thin out thick hair when done right. If your hair is thin like mine
and your bangs don't  like to swoop; try lightly teasing a thin
underneath layer. That's right find your inner hair-band and then tame
it by brushing the top layer over and holding it with hair spray.
Spraying underneath the bangs helps hold them even better. Do not over
spray; crunchy, shiny bangs we do not want! I never thought I would
want bangs but the difference is drastic in a fabulous way! When done
right bangs can: thin your face, take years off while adding
sophistication and don't forget thicken flat hair! Bang you can!

~ Nicole


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