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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How To: Walk In Stilettos

Starting to recognize a theme?  I decided to start this 31 Days of Pro-Styling Tips from the bottom up.  Yesterday I tried to convince you that nude or buff tone shoes are usually best - the eye is drawn upwards when you wear a  lighter shoe, and dark shoes also create a line which can make you appear shorter than you are.  Today I want to talk heels - pumps and stilettos.

1.  A pump has a heel height of 2 inches or more.  What makes a stiletto a stiletto is the diameter (1 cm or less) of the heel - it's nearly toothpick thin!  Some say that stilettos also have a heel height of 3 inches or more.

2.  A stiletto's heel should technically have a diameter of 1cm or less, and it's generally agreed that the heel height of a stiletto is 3 inches or more.

3.  How to walk in a heel:

I slowed this video down a  little and posterized it so you could see the straight line (created by my shadow.)     

A few important points:

1.  Step from heel to foot (unless walking upstairs - you could fall backwards if you miss the step with your heel!)

2.  One foot should be in front of the other, not off to the side (inner or outer.)  Despite the laws of physics, this actually helps you maintain your balance, and can keep your walk a little bit on the sassy side rather than the schlumpy side, lol!  Don't forget to take smaller strides - no need to do lunges!

3.  Shoes should fit your foot very well.  Shoe rubbing against foot is what causes blisters.

4.  Start with a reasonable heel height and work your way up - Rome was built in day (lame cliche, I know!)

5.  It can be tough to tell how comfortable a pair of shoes is going to be before you've worn them for any period of time; try this simple test:  slip your feet into the shoes and then try to raise your heel (like you are standing on tip-toes) up out of the shoe.  If you can still do that, you've got a master-able pitch (the slope/arch of the shoe.)  If you can't raise your foot anymore, it will be more difficult to walk in, and your feet will tire very quickly!

6.  The last piece of advice for wearing heels is to practice good posture.  Good posture is the only way you can evenly distribute your weight so that your feet are the most comfortable.  Even I tend to start slouching forward when I've been wearing heels for hours.  Slouching forward (or backward) displaces your weight and will actually make your feet hurt more.  Don't believe me?  Put on a pair of heels and stand up straight - keeping making minor adjustments until your feet don't feel your weight - it's possible, I swear!

Do you (will you) wear stilettos?

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At October 3, 2012 at 4:44 PM , Anonymous the domestic fringe said...

Stilettos are definitely not for this clumsy gal, but I will try these tips when I wear heels. I do have a few pairs that rise to 3+ inches, so I can use all the help I can get. I wear these for very short period of times when I know I'll be sitting. A lot.


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