Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: Perfect Friday: All That Glitters is Gold (DIY Sequin Hanger)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Perfect Friday: All That Glitters is Gold (DIY Sequin Hanger)

I've seen these gold sequin hangers around for awhile now and I finally decided I had to have one.  Ever the glutton for punishment, I decided I could easily make my own.  I thought I would document it for any other people who love to make their own things:

You will need 3 rolls of single strand sequins (I got mine at JoAnns), scissors, a hanger and double-sided tape.  Next time I think I will spray paint the hanger and hook gold first.

Tape it up (more than is shown here!  I used this suit-coat hanger because I am hoping it will add more dimension to the hanger.)

Start wrapping/winding (whatever arts & crafty term makes more sense to you) starting from the end of the hanger.  

A tip for the hook (wrap around it twice):

For switching the pattern direction:

and then finishing off the ends:

I have a pretty good idea of where I'm going to hang this fun sequin hanger, but you'll just have to stick around to find out where.

I have this sister-in-law, The Midas Touch we shall call her, who has this innate ability to turn everything she touches to gold (the edible kind for her food, haha.)  She could probably finish this perfectly with a snap of her fingers.  If you aren't like her (I'm not like that, everything I touch turns any color but gold haha!) then here are a few links to ready-made sequin hangers: here here and here.

Where will you hang yours?



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