Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: March 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Triple P Giveaway: Firmoo Four-Eyes

I know there are quite a few online eyeglass/sunglass shops out there, and Firmoo would like to offer you all a free pair of glasses as a way to introduce themselves!

I first found Firmoo last summer, and there are two things (at least) to love about them:

1.  They have amazing prices and

2. If you need "coke-bottle" lenses I like do, Firmoo offers the highest index lenses (1.74, but it will cost you extra) I have found yet!

My favorite style?
I'm really digging the two-tone, fading/gradient trend that's happening now!
Firmoo offers prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, non-prescription glasses and sunglasses, bi-focals/progressive lenses and reading glasses.  With free shipping worldwide (on orders over $39,) and a virtual try-on tool,  it's easy to see why Firmoo is quickly becoming a favorite of four-eyes lens-wearers everywhere.

One lucky reader will win one pair of prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses, including frames (excludes designer brands and sunglasses) and lenses (with the standard 1.5 index.)

6 lucky readers will win vouchers for $30 towards designer frames (lenses included.)

Good luck!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shopping KC: Ross Dress for Less (plus a Triple P giveaway!)

When I got the email inviting me to the Grand Opening of the Ross Dress for Less store, I immediately accepted.  I kinda fell in love with this chain-store when they first opened in the Kansas City area last fall.  Rumor has it there is a store currently being prepped to open in Olathe, and trust me - when I find out when it is, I will social-media the heck out of that information.  Would you like to win a $25 gift card to Ross Dress for Less (and more prizes)?  You can enter the giveaway here (super-easy entries!)  Make sure you like their facebook page, they have some really great giveaways in the works (like giving away a $100 every week for four weeks!)

What's so great about this store?

a) It's like a treasure hunt (I can't leave the store without at least glancing down every aisle,)

b) the prices are generally better than other discount retail stores and

c) it has a little bit of everything.

Not unlike a thrift store, I have a little map of where to head first.  Shoes.  Does that surprise anyone?  After shoes, I head to dresses (I couldn't help but long for a daughter - or even my little sister - to dress shop with), from there I peruse the handbags, move onto the furniture, meander through the household goods, sneak a peek at any food items and then I wander through the racks and racks of tops, pants and skirts.  On my way out, I stop by the kids clothing, detour through the toys and then take a quick glimpse of men's.  To round out the experience, I glance through the jewelry in the last few feet to the cash wrap (last fall I snagged this beauty!)

Like any grand opening, the store was crazy hectic (I'm pretty sure all of Lawrence, minus the hungover party-goers, and there were customers who were giddy with excitement (I'm not even kidding - the things I heard......I can't even repeat,) and some who didn't think the long lines were worth it.  Those who thought it was worth it made out with some great deals, and a free re-usable tote bag (which was way too small for all the goodies one can find in these stores, though I can't complain about free eco-friendly totes!)

*This post is brought to you by Ross Dress for Less and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Social KC: 18th St. Fashion Show - Gilded Summer

What are two of my favorite things?  Dressing up and fashion shows (they are not mutually exclusive either.)  Last summer I attended the 18th Street Fashion Show - Triple Crown Summer and loved it.  Held outdoors on 18th Street (you saw that coming, right?) the fashion show was a celebration of local businesses and the multi-cultural crowd that was there to witness it.  

This year's theme is Gilded Summer:

The free show (free means standing room on the sidewalk vs. VIP being an actual seat,) will be held Saturday, June 8, at dusk.  For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit  

What does gilded summer mean exactly?  The powers-that-be at 18stFS take the term from the Gilded Age, a period lasting roughly from the 1870s-1900s.  This article has a great quote, "We think of clothing as being cheap and disposable.  In this time period, clothing was more of an art."  While I don't wholly agree with that statement (and I think most designers wouldn't agree with it either,)   it was a time when "society" only saw you in your finest - or art.  Keeping in mind that Mark Twain satirized what he would describe as "an era of serious social problems hidden by a thin layer of gold."*  (Again, I disagree.  When has there ever been an era in which serious social problems aren't generally sugar-coated or avoided?  Also, this was an important time in history for woman's suffrage - no layers of gold there,) this gives fashion-lovers the perfect opportunity to pull out their artsiest pieces and wear them!  While I don't suggest satin and crinoline ball gown types (it will be summer, it will be warm) I'm excited to begin the hunt for the perfect outfit!  Any suggestions?

p.s.  Designers - it's not too late to send in your applications!  Application submission ends March 18th........I'm so excited to see which amazing designers will be chosen this year.

*quoted from Wikipedia

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TripleP Giveaway: Spring Fashionista Event

Imagine waking up super early on a Saturday morning, slipping on an easy (but still cute, come on) dress (courtesy of JUNIEblake,) a pair of equally cute sandals (maybe from Ross Dress for Less?) sliding on some chic accessories (R Treasures Boutique for the win!) grabbing your super-chic, uber-green forager tote (thank you CivitasNow) and heading to the local farmer's market.  Maybe you'll meet up with your girlfriends and you can impress them with your laissez-faire style.  Maybe you'll meet the man of your dreams (thank goodness you look cute, right?)  Maybe you just don't care and simply want to snag the best produce before anyone else........

Enter to win a $45 credit to JUNIEblake (a trendy online boutique that specializes in modest clothing,) a $25  gift card to Ross Dress for Less (the retailer that sells designer goods at up to 60% off the retail value,) the <3 ring and arrow bracelet from the trendy and playful R Treasures Boutique, and to round out your outfit - the forager bag (made from what?!) from the super-green (and let's face it, super-hip) company CivitasNow.

*New Sponsor Alert - Meadowbelle Market has just joined the party, and would like to offer one lucky reader a Dual Birthstone Ring!  They sell handmade sterling silver and gold jewelry - they also take requests and customizations!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*follow the Rafflecopter link if the form doesn't load.  Hoping to participate but don't have a US address?  Leave a comment below.

Like Giveaways? These great bloggers are linking up with me this week for the great Fashionista Giveaway Event (don't forget to enter the grand prize drawing!):

For every giveaway in the Spring Fashionista Event that an entrant enters, they gain one entry toward the Spring Fashionista Events Main Event Prizes. Go here to enter Main Event==> $1200 in Main Event Prizes

The Main Event Prizes total $1200 and include:

 ■$600 White Gold and Citrene Stone Necklace from Emma Parker Diamonds (WOrldwide)
 ■$100 Amazon Gift Card (WorldWide)
 ■$250 Gift Card from Midnight Velvet (clothing, accessories and home decor) (US ONLY)
 ■$250 in Shoes from Bobbi-Toad (adorable children’s Shoes) Worldwide

*The Spring Fashionista Giveaway Event is hosted by The Chief Blonde at Still Blonde After All These Years  and Katy from ModlyChic . K Squared Glamour  is our co-host!

*Still Blonde after all these YEARS , Modly Chic, K Squared Glamour and Spring Fashionista Events Giveaway or the Spring Fashionista Events Giveaway are not responsible for sponsors/bloggers that do not fulfill their prizes or for any product failure or harm caused thereby. 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In: Sweat

It seems that sweatshirts have been all the rage in the blogosphere this season.  I don't have a problem with sweatshirts.

I wear these shawl-collared puppies all the time:

 I recently upgraded to this one:

Dress: Madewell
Tights and Shoes: H&M (similar tights here - lol, just kidding - but really, try these or these)
Bracelets: oops.  I forgot to wear any.

A few of my faves from the blogosphere, done right:

photo courtesy of Chasing Davies

Photo courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific

DO NOT.  Do not do this.  Please.

Photo courtesy of Sierra Trading Post
The difference between a sweatshirt do and don't?  It should be more fitted than not, more clean-cut than frumpy and above all - NO CARTOON CHARACTERS.  Those are just like Christmas sweaters (you know the ones people have parties for?)

Lest you think I'm being snobbish.................BAM!!  That's me, in a hoodie.  Two words: Primitive Camping.  Some more words:  Because that's how I the dirt.
What do you think?  Are sweatshirts in, or out?

pleated poppy

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Social KC: KCFW Spring 2013, Red Carpet

With a packed house, the atmosphere was full of excitement and anticipation.  After pictures on a Red Carpet concrete floor, mingling with fellow bloggers and media friends (new and old) the show started with the sassy models of Courtney Perry's House of Cochon:

Followed by another jewelry designer, Tracy McClain of Trajet Jewelry, whose stunning styling was every girl's this girl's dream come true:

Next up was Emma Lammers, whose weekend bags/over sized handbags gave new meaning to my mantra, "Speak softly and carry a big purse" - in a good way - they were amazing and I want one of each of them.  A huge shout out to her styling abilities as well:

Not to be out-done, Anna Friss of Blue Bird Apparel sent (somewhat distracting, yet very fun) mass amounts of helium filled balloons down the runway.  Don't worry, they also wore clothes:


Amanda Clark of I Design With Love sent edgy feminism down the runway:

Then Katie McKenna of Pink Sheep Heiress wowed us with chiffon and spikes:

You need to see this dress in person.  It was amazing.

With a soundtrack (courtesy of GENT) that had us dancing in our seats (or tapping our feet.....and some of us singing - I mean, it was Frank Sinatra), Caroline Smith of Janie G. Couture brightened up the evening with:

DU Beauty Arts and Ashley Nelson nailed the Hair & Makeup for this show!

And, (add a dramatic pause here,) the show ended with the fabulous menswear designer Christian Micheal Shuster of christianMicheal.  (Add another dramatic pause) Ladies, gentleman.  I let the pictures speak for themselves:

Looks like one of those Mormon Missionaries ;)

Christian Micheal's show was the cherry on the sundae, the icing on the cake.  Whether you loved or hated the evening, his show made it all worth it.

Photos of all the designers' looks and more, can be found on the facebook page Pretty, Polished, Perfect.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Social KC: KCFW Spring 2013, Day 1

Last night's show was set to be the edgiest of them all.  And it delivered.

Starting with Maegan Stracy's pop-art (think Andy Warhol in motion) collection:

with Nikki Fizer's No Human Intentions collection of Neo-Victorian-Steam-Punk legwarmers next:

followed by Lauren Cram's Victrola - a collection that found the perfect balance between edginess and pure girlishness:

and the precursor to the finale, Andrea Marie Long Designs collection whose use of tonal blues and greens as accents was pure perfection:

to the finale, with Karma Jade's American Trash:

It was a fun evening, and the people watching was entertaining to say the least.  The right-out-there-in-the-open-expressions of some of the front-rowers were certainly entertaining, and the overheard "Oh my gosh, if she sends out models in smelly trash, I'm leaving," when they announced American Trash was giggle inducing.  They were obviously not familiar with Karma or her work, lol!

For more pictures from the collections, visit my facebook page Pretty, Polished, Perfect.