Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: May 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Triple P Giveaway: Custom Stickers

I know, custom stickers right?  Stop for a second and think about stickers.  When I first received the email from PrintRunner (an online printing company, obvs.), my immediate response was "hah! My readers don't want stickers" - and I don't either (they are giving me an opportunity to recieve what you will win.)  After some thought, I realized stickers could be useful.  Think about when you go to JCrew and they wrap your purchases in tissue and secure it with.......stickers.  Think about the cute items you buy from an Etsy seller, the packages enclosed with ribbon or a .......sticker.  Think about Cards you might recieve (or even send) that have stickers with monograms or Christmas decals, hearts, etc.  If you think hard enough, you could find a good use for free stickers.  That being said, PrintRunner would like to offer you a chance to win 250 Premium Stock (in full color or B&W) stickers (size 2"x3.5".)

Don't worry, your stickers won't have to look like that.  Mine will look something like this:

or maybe it will be for personal use and I will use a picture of my family.  The possibilities are endless, really.

Have I convinced you to enter the giveaway yet?

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

On Saturdays I Shop

Online.  To avoid the crowds (especially at stores like Forever21....those fitting room lines make me seriously contemplate trying on clothes right where I stand.  Really, I've got nothing good to hide.)

Anyway, here are a few things I'm drooling mulling over (I hate Forever21's return policies by the way; that and their extremely cheap clothing - but that still doesn't stop me!)

1. Athletic Jacket plus skirt
2. Workout Top
3. Leopard Scarf
4. Polka Dot Hi-Lo Top
5. Lace Top
6. Stripe Peter Pan Collar Top
7. Stripe Jacket

What are your thoughts?  Cheap and trendy for the summer?

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Kansas City Social: Marathon-ish Edition!

Holidays, sales, warm weather?  Yes, please (and it's about time!)

The Legends Outlets Kansas City is my first stop.  It might also be my last.  I made up a list of the stores I absolutely had to hit and it might be a bit marathon-ish:

(Remember when I said I like to make fun of myself?  Yes, those are gift cards taped to the front of my shirt.)
White House Black Market Outlet (Just opened today!)
Old Navy Outlet
Ann Taylor Factory
J.Crew l crewcuts Factory (I received an email coupon for 20% off purchases of $125  or more, good through June 23.)
Gap Outlet Coupon Offer*  Coupon: 15% off your purchase of $75 or more
Banana Republic Factory Store  Coupon Offer* Coupon: 15% off your purchase of $100 or more

Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH (think FATHER'S DAY - June 17)
Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store
Charming Charlies (no sales known, but I don't need a sale to entice into this store!)
*coupons found at the Legends Facebook page.

If I make it through that list, the Country Club Plaza is my next stop:

Kate Spade
Victoria's Secret (7/$26 sale on panties.....TMI?)
Burberry (still waiting for a fabulous trench coat to go on sale!!)
Panache (because I can't leave the Plaza without at least one European Truffle!)
And don't forget the Half-yearly Sale at Nordstrom!


 (I hope you are laughing at my expense here.....)

Will you be taking advantage of the sales this Holiday?

p.s Don't forget to enter this awesome giveaway (ends May 31st!)

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Did I Judge Your Walk?

Why, yes.  I might have.  There is a part of me that wants to apologize because it felt so.....mean.  The other part of me rationalizes this "mean girl" behavior as, well, the industry.  It's not personal.....mostly.

Yes, I am talking about runway modeling. 
I had the opportunity to sit in on the model casting calls for the Kansas City Fashion Week. I sat next to Roxanne, of R Treasures Boutique, and she is really quite funny. At one point I ended up sitting next to a designer who was too important to introduce herself (okay, that was unkind of me, but really.) Sitting on the couch next to that designer, the thought crossed my mind that she had better have some really awesome shiz-nit come down that runway, because she hasn't got anything else in her favor. Okay, that was unkind also. But honestly. Her behavior and attitude made me realize that your personality and the things you say can taint your work. It's sad but true; how many times have you said you love something but you despise the person behind it? I love the food, but the staff was horrible? I love their clothes, but the associates were snobs? How many times have you bought something you didn't really want just to support a friend (Pampered Chef anyone?) 

If I ever come across as "high-and-mighty" you just tell me to stop it, okay? And feel free to tell me so in a nice, loving, kind tone......haha.
Now contrast that designer with another designer I briefly spoke to at the end of the evening.  She was much more down-to-earth and my first impression of her left me hoping that she does really well (this is her first year showing!) and finds great success in her endeavors.  The contrast between my feelings regarding those two designers is extreme.

I asked Teisha Barber, Executive Director and model, her advice for models on casting calls; after all, she has seen how this works from both sides of the equation. She would make a great mentor for anyone interested in the modeling business. She even "walked the runway" for us. She's good. Really good. I could sum up her advice in three words: meet her criteria. Need clarification on any of the criteria? Just ask. I took notes (wink.)

What I wore to judge these models:

Top: Zara (similar here)
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Kohls

Matte gold link, Derng
Pave link, JCrew
Bangles, Target
Two-tone, thrifted

Remember, always put your best foot forward (and try to keep up with the pedicures; pun totally intended.)

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Triple P Giveaway: Dress from

eShakti is giving their website a Spring/Summer makeover and would like to offer you a chance to win one free item (including customization of dresses and skirts!)

I wore a custom-made dress from eShakti for New Year's (I also just found the perfect Roaring Twenties-esque necklace to match!) and not only do I love their designs, but I also love the customizable options.  Add sleeves, remove sleeves, lengthen the hem, shorten the hem......all at  A few of my retro/vintage-inspired favorites from the Perfect Summer Collection:

1. Leave a comment below with the name of the item you hope to win, and be sure to leave an email address to contact you back at!

2.  Follow on Facebook*. Leave a comment on their page with the item you hope to win.

3. Follow Pretty, Polished, Perfect on Facebook*. You don't have to leave a comment, but be sure to leave me your Facebook name on the Rafflecopter form!

4. Are you on Pinterest? Pin the item* from that you hope to win (be sure to leave us the URL to your pin on the Rafflecopter form.) Not on Pinterest yet? Send me an email and I will make sure you get an invite!

5. Follow Pretty, Polished, Perfect on twitter (@_TripleP,) and be sure to leave me your twitter handle!

6. Tweet about the giveaway!  Don't forget to include the URL from the tweet in the rafflecopter form!

Use the Rafflecopter below (it's super-easy) to complete your entries! Good Luck!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nordstrom Rack: Orchard Corners

Pleas note: this is not a sponsored post.  I just really, really wanted to share this with you.

I stopped by Nordstrom Rack this morning, looking for a pair of boys tennis shoes*, and couldn't resist walking through the jewelry department (great "similars" to this, this, this and this):
(phantom ghost arm courtesy of my youngest)
I've been on the hunt for a necklace like this since December, for this exact purpose:
I found the perfect strand for only $11.97.  By way of comparison, Target is selling an even longer strand for $12.99.  Of course, Target's strands are those Mardi Gras/carnival type that should be packaged for $.99 (in my humble opinion.)  Also, Nordstrom Rack (and Nordstrom) sends you e-receipts, which is perfect for two reasons: 1. I lost my receipt.  2.  That lost receipt happened to have a $5 off coupon printed at the bottom.  And it doesn't matter because I've got it in my email (take that fate.) 

As I was walking out I noticed these hangers, priced at $5.97 (for 10), which is really quite a good deal.

I prefer wooden hangers, but if you've ever considered switching your metal (I shudder at the thought; think Joan Crawford) or plastic hangers, this would be a great deal!

Don't forget: they don't re-stock items, so once they are gone....they are gone.

*I cannot resist the urge to browse the never-ending shoe aisles, even though I sincerely feel like the shoes found at this type of store are shoes that no one wanted in the normal retail store, even on sale.....which means I more than likely don't want them either.  I have bought three pairs of shoes from Nordstrom Rack in my lifetime (by way of comparison, I have bought hundreds of shoes from various retailers, which make Nordstrom Rack under 1%.)  I feel the same way about the handbags.  My point?  It doesn't hurt to stop in every once in a while for the amazing finds they sometimes have!

p.s. Sorry about the photos, I was excited to share please pardon the cell phone pictures :)

Nordstrom Rack Orchard Corners is located at 9540 Quivira Road Lenexa, KS 66215, telephone: (913) 553-6242

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Monday, May 14, 2012

The 5 Foot Beach, revisited.

It's the return of the 5 foot beach

Top: Old Navy (similar here)
Necklace: H&M (similar here and here)
Pin: gift from Aunt Winnie
Bracelets: Target (similar here, here and here)
Skirt: c/o Fresh Produce
Shoes: Kohls (similar here)

Looking for casual clothing that's Triple P approved (haha!)?  I love this skirt.  If you look really closely, the back of the skirt has this cool seam detail, and the fabric is soft and cool. The skirt is a bit see through (like most white fabrics) so I wore a slip underneath.  This will be my new travel skirt for vacation destinations with a beach (I also wear it around the house - the next best thing to yoga pants, haha!)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nothing Like Nautical

This month's EBEW theme is Nautical.  The rebel in me had to stand out, so in lieu of all the stripes, red, whites, blues and otherwise-over-the-top-preppy clothing in my closet, I chose this:

Earrings: Forever21
Top: JCrew
Bracelets: Target
Shoes: JCrew (similar here)
Handbag: Target

and stood on the dock of a lake - you know, to make the "nautical" theme seem more relevant.

That's right.  I'm wearing a Hawaiian-print shirt.  Now I need a boat and a fruity drink in the shape of a pineapple (or coconut.)  And a pair of Sperry's.

In other news, if I happened to fall overboard, I should be easy to spot, right?  Haha.

Natilcal: EBEW

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Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Friday, I'm In Love.

It's Friday and I've got a few things on my mind:

1. Yes, The Cure is one of my all-time favorite bands (and my best friend can't believe I still have their music on my iPod.)

2. I'm an old sentimental fool.  Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys has died of cancer.  I love the Beastie Boys.  I'm sad to think that the group won't be the same anymore.  Why did I think they would just be around forever?  There is no other band (even though Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Bon Jovi and Gene Simmons have certainly tried) that I could envision rocking out on stage at the age of 90, walkers in hand, and still be cool!

3. Did you know that Halls is having their Spring Sale?  It's been extended until Sunday, May 6th AND (a little birdie told me) Nanette Lepore, Tibi, Yoana Baraschi and Milly are 40% off (regular price merchandise only.)  Go, invest in classic and quality at 40% off.  I might even see you there!

4. My son has Strep Throat.  I feel helpless and horrible.  Meds will help my son feel better, but an Oscar de la Renta gown might make me feel better. Or that pair of Louboutins.

5. Mother's day is coming up and I'm dreaming of Tiffany blue (wink, wink.)

6. Wow.  The humidity has arrived, and that means my hair has grown at least three times in volume since March.

6. Here's an outfit to round out my thoughts (and how I wish it were a poufy taffeta Oscar de la Renta gown!)

Shirt: Jcrew
Necklace: H&M
Bracelets: Target
Belt: Target (similar here)
Pants: Forever21 (similar here)
Shoes: Daisy Fuentes
Handbag: Target

Take note of this handbag.  It's not my favorite, but I bought it for a very specific purpose.  Stay tuned for more!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The (Accidental) Optical Illusion.

Did you find my (purely accidental) optical illusion?

Top: Zara (similar here)
Bracelet: Target
Pants: Forever21 (Canada online only, similar here and here)
Shoes: Zara (similar here)

pleated poppy

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