Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: February 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And The Oscar Goes To.....

Best Designer:  Christian MICHEAL 

If any of Kansas City's designers want to audition for the next Project Runway, it should be him.  Anyone will tell you that referencing a time-period when designing your clothing can make the collection appear "costume-y."  Christian Micheal found the perfect balance between the throwback to an era gone by, and what a modern man would (and should) wear.  Congratulations, Christian, on a job well done (and your gratitude for your pregnant wife was so endearing!)

Best Theatrical Performance: Evil Pawn Jewelry

I said it in my first review, and I will say it again: not only was the jewelry indicative of major talent (she has more talent than all of the contestants on Project Accessory combined,) but the theatrics of the show created a story that stirred something in us all.  I can't wait to see more from Faith Evangeline in the future! 

Best Color: Haus Designs

I loved every single color that came down that runway - it was difficult to narrow it down to which pictures I wanted to use for Monday's Review.  She used such a wide range of colors and still managed to keep the collection cohesive.  Missouri is lucky to claim her as own of its' own!

Best Hair: Shannon's Place

Hands down.  So good, I might become a client. 
See Tuesday's Review for my two favorite looks. 

At any major event, a camera will often pan the crowd.  Especially if your bare chest is painted, you are standing on your head, or you are doing something embarrassing (like picking your nose.)

So I panned the crowd and found:

Best Style from the Audience (Menswear):

Best Style from the Audience (Runner-Up, Menswear): If for nothing other than his expression....

Best Stand Out Style from the Audience (besides Balloon Girl on the Red Carpet):

Best Accessories from the Audience (if I had been crowned anything, I would never leave home without my crown either):

Best Media from the Audience (haha):

That is me and Louise LeMans, Kansas City Blogger and Pinup (she's the pinup, not me)

Best Moment from the Audience (here's hoping that's his sister....):

Best Embarrassing Moment from the Audience (the guy sitting in front of me.  Playing a game on his phone.  In the middle of a show.  It might not be embarrassing to him, but I'm embarrassed that we are from the same city.  Sorry cell phone guy, but maybe you should have stayed home):

A huge thank you to the team behind Kansas City Fashion Week (follow that link for more runway pictures as well as red carpet photos!):

It was a great success. 

Now please excuse me while I put on my snob hat; might I suggest a dress code (denim, sweats and Uggs?? No.) and a code of conduct (those woman in the front row who had the audacity to find their seats after the show had already started?? No.  The women cat-calling to the shirtless men?? No.  This isn't a Chippendales show!)  Kansas City-ians - Kansas City won't be on the map for the right reasons if we can't be......(for lack of a better word) cool.  Let's make Kansas City great!

 p.s. This is what I wore (and what Bubble Girl Katelyn Payne wore):

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kansas City Fashion Week Designer Showcase Review II

Kansas City Fashion Week.  Saturday Showcases.

A few worth mentioning, by Fermented Fruit:

I dub this collection "Harley Davidson meets Couture (with this subtlest hint of color.)"

I'm an aging mother. That being said, Kalyn Valliere's Resortwear Collection has some stunning pieces but these are the two pieces I would actually walk away with:

From Jamie Santomosso:

These fingerless gloves were popular in quite a few of the shows.

(Two hairstyles I would love to imitate, by Shannon's Place:)

Sushe by J. Tracey:

The colors, textures and patterns were Ah. Maz. Ing.  In the words of Rachel Zoe: I die.

BrideDoll by Caroline Williard:

Floating straps and fingerless gloves:

KMS Couture presents American Trash:

(or Another Way to Wear Your Birkin):

and my favorite, The Better-Than-Bjork's:

Last show of the afternoon, House of Cochon*:

And this last picture, simply because the hair, makeup and lighting is....aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

It was a great afternoon.  I was inspired by some of the talent that Kansas City has to offer.  Stay tuned for my final post on Kansas City Fashion Week and who I think "won," coming tomorrow (Leap Day!)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Kansas City Fashion Week: Red Carpet Gala Review

My personal favorite from BM Designs:

I loved the braid:

Favorite from Watercolors High Fashion:

Favorite from Oblivion:

Quite a few favorites from Haus:

By far, this was my favorite collection of the evening.  I loved the color, the simplicity and the high waists (although you will never catch me in a pair of shorts that short....)

Menswear designer Christian Micheal:

Although The Mr would never wear any of these, they were truly enjoyable to see.  Reminded me of Mr. Darcy, Ralph & Captain Von Trapp (congrats to him on the Oscar win last night!!)  This particular show had me smiling. 

The final show of the evening, Evil Pawn Jewelry, was to the previous shows what Micheal Jackson's Smooth Criminal music video is to Britney Spear's music video (any one of them.)  It was a spectacular show - exactly what every runway show should be: worthy of being a short film.

I'll be back tomorrow with highlights from the Saturday afternoon show. 
For more pictures, visit Kansas City Fashion Week on facebook.