Pretty, Polished, Perfect.: Day 10: The Bracelet

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10: The Bracelet

Many, many years ago (you know, before dinosaurs roamed the earth,) I read that European women preferred to have sleeves that exposed the wrists.  I may have read that they considered it more sexy (my memory may be a bit fuzzy on that one though - someone correct me if I am wrong, thanks.)  Since reading that, I have been more aware of my sleeves, their lengths, and of course, bracelets. 

These are actually two separate Vera Wang bracelets, but the one I wear most often has a strand of pearls, a strand of diamonds and a chain.  It's a fun mixture (mostly because I'm a Pearl kind of girl, diamond second and chains.......fifth, lol!)

Do you have a favorite go-to bracelet?


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