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Saturday, October 6, 2012

How To: Wear Pants

Grasping the pants by the waistband, step one foot.......just kidding.

Let's start with my first rule of thumb:  You know your body the best.  If you love how you look in your pants, your confidence will do the talking.  If you hate how you look in your pants........

My personal rule of thumb:  If there is horizontal (or any) creasing at the crotch line - don't wear them (hopefully you didn't buy them either) - they don't fit properly.  I've never seen something look flattering when it didn't fit properly.

image courtesy of Bravo and Kenley
  If any part of your pants disappears into a fold just below your bum - don't wear them.  Do I even need to tell you what's wrong here?
Stop whatever you are thinking right now.  Rachel of Grasping for Objectivity posted these, red arrows and all, in a post  in which she sets out to  prove that Old Navy and Gap make mom jeans.  I don't know if I believe that they make mom jeans, but if your jeans do this, stop wearing them immediately.
Always forgo the muffin top.  No matter how great the color is, or how awesome it makes your skinny thighs look - all people will see is the muffin top.  I guarantee it.  I don't care if you have to use the I-refuse-to-wear-maternity-pants trick and use a hairband to loosen it up a bit.

NO MUFFIN TOP.  There is a difference between wearing a high-waisted pant that holds it in, and mom jeans; the trick is finding the right pair.

I was clueless to the muffin top issue until I was vacationing in Hawaii, pregnant with my first son.  We were riding in the elevator behind a woman who was sporting a serious muffin top.  In horror, I glanced behind me in the elevator mirror......and oh dear Lord.  There was my own hell muffin top.  I vowed to never let that happen again.......

And if you ever find the perfect pair of pants, no one will judge you for buying several of them, or one in every color/fade.  Which do you think people will remember more: the muffin top or that you wear the same great-fitting and flattering pair of pants every day?

Don't forget (and this applies to everything!) it's okay to skip an unflattering trend; there are more than enough trends you can use to keep yourself looking up-to-date.

One for the road:

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